Electronic Filing

Batch Reporting Procedures

Later in 2010, brokerages will have two options for filing policy data through the SLAW Surplus Lines Information Portal (SLIP): (1) enter policy and transaction data manually, or (2) submit policy data as a single batch file through HTTP.

To report policy data as a single batch file, please review the documents below. The purpose of this documentation is to prepare architects, designers and developers with computer programming experience to prepare batch files for submission to SLAW. We assume the reader has an understanding of the XML and HTTP protocols.

We recommend testing new XML files on the SLIP TEST website to ensure validity prior to official submission through https://slip.surpluslines.org. Contact SLAW for a link, username, and password to SLIP Test.

Note: The system will not accept Microsoft Excel files saved as XML Data or XML Spreadsheet file types. Please follow the format described in the documentation below to create an XML file from your database.

XML Export Format & Schema for Brokerages