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    What does registration do?
    -It allows you to make filings in the State of Washington as a member of the Association.

    Can I register and not become a member?

    Can I make filings in Washington without becoming a member?

    What does membership in the Association obligate me to?
    -You must abide by the rules and bylaws of the Association.

    What do I need to become registered with the Association?
    -We need the following:

    1. A copy of the brokerage surplus lines license (entity license), individual surplus lines license (individual who holds a surplus line license for Washington), as well as the affiliation certificate from the commissioner’s office.
    2. Signed membership agreement, keeping a copy for your records and sending a copy to the Association.
    3. $100.00 membership fee Entity or Individual member, payable to “Surplus Line Association of Washington.” Dues are for the term September 1st to August 31st.  If you join after March 1st of a calendar year dues for the upcoming term will not be charged.
    4. Application for Membership must be completed in its entirety and returned to the Association.
    5. Your email address and a business card for contact information.

    Once we receive all of the above items, the Board will vote in your membership. You will be assigned a broker number and sent the Surplus Line Association of Washington Manual. The manual contains all pertinent information about the Association, along with procedures for making filings. You will be contacted and advised on securing credentials for our automated filing system (SLIP). Some phone communication will most likely be necessary to discuss filing details.

    For further information, either phone or email: